Cooking Courses Melbourne

Cooking Courses in Melbourne

States College Australia offers best cooking courses Melbourne. You can now make your career successful in culinary with our cooking courses, the premier location for understanding the culinary arts in Melbourne. Our culinary courses are primarily made to turn your culinary desires into reality. 

Whether you’re a novice or an ambitious cook, our extensive programs accommodate all ability levels. It prepares you with the abilities and expertise you require to excel in the world of culinary.
Cooking Courses Melbourne

Course Length

States College Australia will deliver the 25 units of the SIT30821 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery over 67 weeks. This includes:

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Cooking Courses Melbourne - Course Structure

For students to acquire the SIT30821 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery qualification, students must have successfully completed 25 units, 20 of which are core units plus 5 elective units.

Unit code

Unit Title


Use hygienic practices for food safety


Work effectively with others


Show social and cultural sensitivity


Maintain the quality of perishable items


Participate in safe work practices


Use food preparation equipment


Clean kitchen premises and equipment


Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices


Prepare dishes using basic methods of cookery


Enhance customer service experiences


Participate in safe food handling practices


Prepare appetisers and salads


Prepare stocks, sauces, and soups


Receive and store stock


Prepare vegetable, fruit, egg, and farinaceous dishes


Prepare poultry dishes


Prepare meat dishes


Plan and cost basic menus


Prepare seafood dishes


Produce desserts


Produce cakes, pastries, and breads


Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements


Coach others in job skills


Coordinate cooking operations


Work effectively as a cook


Work effectively as a cook

Entry Requirements

There is no pre-requisite training required to enrol in this program: students may enter SIT30821 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery with limited or no vocational experience and without a lower-level qualification.

Students must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a position at States College Australia:

Academic Requirements

To enter this qualification, applicants must have successfully completed year 12 or equivalent.

English Requirements

States College Australia accepts the following English language tests – International English Language Testing System (IELTS), TOEFL, iBT, Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE), and TOEFL PBT.


Overall score 5.5

TOEFL (paper based)


TOEFL (internet based)




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What Makes States College Australia Stand Out for Cooking Course in Melbourne?

States College Australia attracts attention as the unparalleled choice for cooking course in Melbourne. Our dedication to quality is reflected in our world-class facilities, experienced faculty, and varied curriculum. We cover everything from the basics to advanced methods.
We satisfy ourselves by cultivating imagination and advancement in the cooking area, permitting students to discover their cooking enthusiasms fully.

How Can You Excel in the Culinary World with Top Cooking Courses at States College Australia?

Master the cooking world with top-tier food cooking courses in at States College Australia. Our programs stress hands-on training and crucial methods, cooking concepts, and imagination.

You’ll get expertise in different cuisines, food presentation, and kitchen administration, making you an all-around cooking specialist. Our Cooking Courses Melbourne knowledgeable trainers provide mentorship and support, helping you establish your one-of-a-kind style and skills.

A Detailed Look at Cookery Courses Melbourne Offered by States College Australia

Discover the art of culinary quality with Cookery Courses Melbourne offered exclusively by States College Australia. Our training courses are meticulously made to give a comprehensive cooking education and learning. These courses accommodate both aspiring chefs and culinary enthusiasts.
Study the universe of flavors and methods you check out the various measurements of cookery at our prestigious establishment.
Our Cookery Courses Melbourne cover a variety of topics, from basic food preparation abilities to sophisticated cooking techniques. With a concentration on hands-on experience, our trainees acquire practical proficiency that’s essential in the culinary market. You’ll learn from knowledgeable specialists and understand the art of creating splendid recipes that can captivate any kind of palate.

Elevating Culinary Education: The States College Australia Approach to Melbourne Cookery Courses

At States College Australia offer best Melbourne Culinary Courses we’re dedicated to raising culinary education to new elevations through our special Culinary Courses. Our programs are created to encourage an interest in cooking while offering trainees a strong structure in cookeries.
Our college believes in cultivating imagination, advancement, and deep adoration for the art of food preparation.
With a dedication to quality, our method incorporates standard cooking principles with modern-day patterns. Making sure, that our grads are well-prepared to grow in the ever-evolving culinary world.
States College Australia’s Cookery Courses Melbourne are your entryway to an effective and gratifying career in the cookeries.

Why Choose Commercial Cookery Course Melbourne at States College Australia?

When it involves looking for a job in the cooking sector, States College Australia’s Commercial Cookery Course Melbourne can be the best choice for you. Our program is completely developed to prepare you for a successful journey in the culinary space.

Here’s why you should pick our cookery course Melbourne:

Our program covers a substantial range of abilities, from cooking techniques to cooking management. You’ll get a deep understanding of the market’s needs. Learn from sector specialists and proficient chefs who bring a riches of real-world experience to the class. We highlight reasonable training, guaranteeing you create the abilities required to master a professional kitchen location.

Advancing Culinary Business: States College Australia's Specialized Commercial Cookery Course in Melbourne

States College Australia is the center of culinary with our specialized Culinary Program. This program is personalized to prepare you for the dynamic world of commercial cookery and kitchen area administration. Our curriculum surpasses cooking methods, delving right into organization strategies, price control, and consumer satisfaction.
You’ll find how to take care of a business cooking area effectively. This will be making you a valuable property to dining facilities, and catering options. With our Commercial Cookery Course Melbourne industry-focused technique, you’ll be equipped to enter the cooking company confidently and contribute to its advancement.

Diving into Excellence: Cookery Colleges in Melbourne Offered by States College Australia

States College Australia stands as a beacon of excellence among Cookery Colleges in Melbourne. Our dedication to culinary education and knowing exceeds routine, providing trainees with an extraordinary journey into the world of gastronomy.
Our Cookery College is established to offer substantial education and learning. This helps aspiring cooks and cooking fans with the capabilities and competence necessary to master the culinary market.
With a blend of hands-on experience, professional help from experienced professionals, and a lively curriculum. We guarantee that our trainees are well-prepared to satisfy the establishing Cookery Colleges in Melbourne needs of the culinary world.

Certificate 3 in Commercial Cookery Melbourne: Your Gateway to Culinary Excellence

States College Australia proudly presents Certificate 3 in Commercial Cookery Melbourne, your entrance to cooking excellence in Melbourne. This program is carefully crafted to offer aspiring chefs and culinary fanatics the skills and expertise needed to beam on the planet of industrial cookery.

Our Certification 3 in commercial culinary program offers a hands-on learning experience. This allows you to refine your culinary techniques under the guidance of experienced experts.

Whether you aspire to end up being a cook in a leading dining establishment, run your cooking area, or explore the universe of food catering.
This course equips you with the fundamentals of commercial culinary, cooking area management, and food safety.

Embark on this journey with our course on culinary with our Certificate 3 in Commercial Cookery Melbourne program.

Delving into Certificate III in Commercial Cookery for International Students by States College Australia

If you desire to make cooking your career. Then you should check out our Certificate III in Commercial Cookery for International Students at States College Australia. Our program is made to provide our students with a thorough culinary education and learning that opens doors to global culinary opportunities.

Our Certificate III in Commercial Culinary provides a diverse and enhancing experience, equipping students with crucial skills in expert culinary. From mastering cooking strategies to cooking area administration and food safety and security.

You will also be getting an opportunity to connect with an international community of future cooks. Let you join us in Cooking Courses Melbourne and helps you to make your mission to develop your cooking skills and start a journey to master the exciting world of business culinary. 

Turn Your Culinary Dreams Into Reality With Us 

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