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States College Australia is founded on the belief that life is a learning journey and the more you learn the more you prosper.

States College Australia provides an exceptional education with the aim of supportively providing opportunities to predominantly overseas students to achieve their career goals.

States College Australia

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Why Choose States College Australia

Why Choose States College Australia?

States College Australia supports students to achieve their goals to graduate with vocational and employability skills that meet the demands of the industry and the economy.

This is facilitated through the provision of flexible, exceptionally structured education that is grounded in practical application. Experienced trainers with industry experience and connections to the industry provide students with the necessary support to achieve.

Facilities, Equipment, and Services.

States College Australia provides students with supportive trainers, responsive to student’s educational needs with the mutual aim for facilitating success, providing facilities and quality resources which include:

Facilities Equipment and Services


Training and assessment will be conducted through face-to-face training and assessment by experienced trainers and underpinned by exceptional educational resources, a library, and support.

Computer Facility.

We offer well-resourced computers for our students to train and complete their work. Students can have access to computers and internet connection at the campus (Monday to Friday) from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Free Wi-Fi internet connection is available for students on campus.

Computer Facility
Student Lounge

Student Lounge.

States College Australia campus is equipped with a break area for meals and relaxing with refreshments during their break times. The student Lounge is well-equipped with a microwave, toaster, and refrigerator.

Course Materials.

States College Australia provides course materials and resources in hard copy for ease of use and revision. States College Australia provides access to s for practical experience to provide students with a collaborative, accessible, flexible, and supportive learning environment.

Course Materials


Textbooks are available for students to refer to and borrow to assist them to immerse themselves in their subject content and to inform their research work.

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